04 August, 2015

Breastfeeding tips - World breastfeeding week

First week of August is world breastfeeding week.

As a mother, I understand the confusion and problems of new mothers to start breast feeding. Post-partum stress, new responsibilities, lack of support and lack of sleep might become obstacles to breast feeding. Awareness and motivation from family is the only key.

Here are some tips:

Positive spirit: It's better to know the benefits of breastfeeding before delivery itself. Keeping positive spirit that you can feed your child and milk will be enough is important. Initial obstacles on feeding position and latching of baby are very common and that is nothing to worry about. Trying again and again with patience will solve the problem.

Myth of 'Not Enough milk': This is the most common worry of new mothers that milk is not enough. One good way to go with it is to feed on demand. More latching and bonding with baby enhances milk production hormones and increases supply, so be patient and try to feed as many times as infant needs.

Proper seating position: Learn the proper seating position for feeding. This reduces lot of stress and helps in faster recovery. There is lot of material available on internet on this.

Diet changes: Drinking more water and juices hydrates body. Leave the myths on restricting healthy foods and add fruits, vegetables and nuts in your diet. Garlic and fenugreek seeds are good for increasing milk production.

Be stress free: Being cool without taking much pressure and being close to baby helps in increasing milk production. Watching your baby or listening to a soothing music or thinking of a water fall  while feeding also seems to increase milk production. Try it once :-)

Many of you might already know the benefits of breastfeeding, but let me tell you again..

  • Gives perfect nutrition to your baby
  • Protects baby from many life threatening diseases and obesity
  • Helps in growth and brain development of baby
  • Helps mother in reducing stress and risk of post-partum depression
  • Might reduce risk of some cancers in mother

Please feel free to share and spread awareness on breastfeeding.

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29 July, 2015

Unlock the potential

Srinija was busy as usual with her daily chores from morning.

Now, It's time to sit and relax for some time, sipping coffee and reading news paper after waving good bye to kids and hubby.

Unintentionally, her eyes moved towards her old passport photo from school days which dropped from wallet.

How can she forget school days? Golden memories!
Her academic achievements and awards for writing best articles in school magazines.

Now, she realized that there is one part of her life that she ignored recently, her interest in writing!
Bingo! She decided to unlock her potential in writing again :-)

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27 July, 2015

Small post on #Bahubali #MicroblogMondays

#Bahubali #TeluguMovie
At last, watched the much hyped movie, my thoughts as a small post with max 8 sentences long.

Loved :-)

  • The visuals, waterfalls effects and the model of the Mahishmathi kingdom
  • Absolute delight to ears - soothing music which became part of the story
  • Excellent action and dialogue delivery by Rana and Ramya Krishna
  • War strategy explained in simple way

Didn't like

  • Abrupt ending - didn't see any other sequel movie with this kind of abrupt ending. 
  • Bad screenplay, very less conversations and less concentration on story

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Mommy guilt

This is the topic that intrigues me a lot. This is the topic mostly talked about in offices by working women. This is the topic which most of the working women take too seriously than required resulting in mental pressure. So, I chose to write on this for my #Mondaymusings! Co-hosting #MondayMusings with Corinne who writes at everydaygyaan and writeTribe.

I love my job a lot. Testing is my passion, in fact. I enjoy working in office. I enjoy taking challenges, completing difficult assignments, networking, coordinating with people to make things work, organizing events, leading and guiding team etc., But, when my first kid was born and I had to leave my kid with a care taker at 6 months of his age, Mommy guilt started. Life was good when he was healthy, laughing, playing and all. But, when he became sick and I had to give instructions to care taker on how to take care of the kid, I felt like I am not a good mother. Yes, I have taken many work from homes, leaves, been with kid at difficult times too, but still, it was not possible always.

Joining the kid to school and then to day care were again tough times to both of us. Making him habituated to stay without me for long time, making him eat properly in my absence, protecting him from frequent colds, coughs and fevers, improving his immunity - all this was a very good learning phase as a mother.

Proper support at home from family made me overcome the guilt and helped me to stay positive. I believe in not taking stress from office to home and vice versa. My poor memory is my bliss. I forget bad experiences quick and like to switch to home mode as i step out of office and don't take that burden to home. Usually, I over compensate on weekends and after work hours by spending more time while feeding my kid or making him do homework. Sleeping lullaby in nights, waking up in mornings with cuddles and telling small stories are bonding times :-)

Over the time, I have realized, no one can be perfect in this world. No one can be a perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect employee and all in one. We all try to get there and be somewhere in the middle and it is completely OK than trying to be best out of all, by stressing ourselves. What do you say?

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13 July, 2015

#MicroblogMondays - Bahubali

Linking this to #Microblogmondays. Before proceeding with this post, let me explain micro blogging. It's a short post between 1 word to 8 sentences long.

#Bahubali has been the trending topic this week. I am not a big fan of SS Rajamouli, but loved his Telugu movie 'Eega' very much. Many critics praised that Bahubali is above heroism(unlike other Telugu movies) and stunning visualization enhanced the impact. Many weren't satisfied since movie ends without a conclusion and makes the fans to wait for part 2. 

However, let me watch the movie and share my thoughts, later. If not for the visual effects, I would love to watch the movie for Ramya Krishna, who rocked with her performance :-)

Meanwhile, did Bahubali meet your expectations? 

Sentences: 6, words: 96

Until next time,

Gratitude List - July 2015

Inspired by Lauren who blogs at Alphabet salad, I am also preparing a gratitude list. 

If we are able to eat sumptuous meals, wear good clothes and have a safe roof to stay, I believe, we are lucky than most of the people in the world. I believe in God and i feel that i am lucky of the lot who has all these basic necessities and many more luxuries in my life. Good friends, lovely family and non stressful job add to the happiness to anyone. Cool.. So, it's time to say thanks and be contended for what God has given me.. 

Gratitude list:
Let me start with a list in the ascending order of importance (Most important at the end of the list) :-)

1. Friendly and supportive colleagues 
2. My passion towards software testing
3. My passion for writing which keeps me going
4. My mobile phone samsung galaxy S4 and its camera (especially)
5. Facebook and whatsapp which keeps me connected to the world
6. Relaxing weekend just went by
7. My best friends and their support
8. My love for books and my ability to read at least one book per month
9. Supporting parents , in laws and sibling
10. My family and their love

I am very thankful to God for all of the above. So what are you thankful for today? Is there a gratitude list that you too have? Please share, will be happy to read :-)

Until next time,

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09 July, 2015

Twist to fairy tale?

My friend's kid has a habit of listening to stories daily. 
Once, She told kiddoo a tale of elves helping a cobbler, by miraculously stitching shoes of customers overnight and completing them by morning.

When my friend pestered kid yesterday to complete her homework, she tried to escape by saying - will do it after dinner/  will do after playing for sometime/ getting sleep. 

At last, she asked her, 'Amma, if elves can help the Cobbler to complete orders, let me wait for them to finish my homework by tomorrow morning'.

Now, it's time for her to twist the fairy tale :p

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08 July, 2015

To choose happiness or not, Choice is yours..

Time flies whether you are having fun or not. The choice is yours. - Unknown source

We all know, time is precious and it doesn't stop for anyone. The choice is ours, to be happy, have fun or be sad and worry about past or future. 

Do you know? Happiness is contagious. When you are happy and enjoy what you do, you spread positive vibes around. Do you believe in positive aura? Few people or few friends or colleagues make us happy even when we spend 5 mins with them. Isn't it? Did you ever try to be that kind of friend/ colleague to some one? This doesn't mean that we have to show happy face even when we are sad. Low phases of life happen and it's okay to be gloomy on those days. But, choosing some fun factor in life, makes it easier to overcome gloomy days. 

I see, many people are doing some challenges on social networking sites like #100HappyDays. They have to choose one good reason per day to be happy and post them on Facebook/ twitter/ instagram. We have to choose happiness and search happiness because we  have to live every minute of life - either happy/ sad until we die. Choice is ours. What do you say?

Writing this for 3 day quote challenge nominated by Corinne from WriteTribe and EverydayGyaan. Thanks Corinne for nominating me :-)

I am not tagging anyone for the challenge, as i am taking this for the second time. However, feel free to take this challenge, below are simple steps for this challenge.

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06 July, 2015

Start a day fresh!

The way you start your day determines how well you live your day - Robin Sharma

I am not an early riser. It took long time for me to realize the importance of starting a day positively. 

Early to bed and Early to rise - we are hearing this from childhood. Many do yoga and surya namaskarams in the morning,  meditate and start the day with exercise or walking. In this hurry bury modern life, getting up early and sitting peacefully for sometime itself is difficult.

I too want to start my day by praying God on opening my eyes, take a stroll and enjoy the nature, have a steamed cup of coffee, enjoy its aroma, read newspaper and listen to good music. It might be the most ideal way to start a day for me. 
But, lazy me, I get up late, run behind kids to make them ready, feed, have a quick breakfast, get ready and run to office. There is no exception even on weekends. Laziness pushes me still more deep inside, making me sleep late in the friday night watching a good movie or simply surfing Facebook,  just to pass time and feel that it's going to be a weekend and thus getting up late on Saturdays. Thus, weekend mornings too carry same routine except that everything is done in slow pace, be it a bath or breakfast or anything else :-) This technology does it's part keeping me away from my ideal fresh start of the day. Sometimes, I get up early, feel like I should utilize time by going for a walk or sit peacefully and then open Facebook, office mails, gmail and Instagram in my phone and Voila! it will become a normal day, time will fly and I have to run for the errands :-)
Have a lovely Morning!

This might be the case for many too, but still I believe starting  a day positively will impact our attitude for whole day. When we get up late, since we will not have time for anything, we get nervous, shout at family, crib about traffic , crib about managers in the office and be irritated whole day. This sure can be avoided by starting the day fresh. For some, it means meditating, for some, it's yoga, for some, it's exercise, for some, it's listening music and so on.. What is your ideal way to start a day?

Writing this for 3 day quote challenge nominated by Corinne of EverydayGyaan. Thanks Corinne for nominating me, started my day fresh with this blog post with an inspirational quote today :-)

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